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The Diamond 1000 Powered Glider is allowing NOVICE level flyers to enjoy, with having both a quick aircraft and one that can fly super slow as well. Made from a light, flexible, and crash resistant EPO foam, this powered RC Glider will be able to be flown by the most inexperienced pilots, allowing the novice to develop his or her skills effortlessly. The Diamond 1000 is comes with an 7.4 volt 800mAh Li-Po battery and a high POWER speed 400 brushed motor, thats results in the right amount of power for a TRAINING glider. Comes with a 4 channel 2.4 GHZ radio, Lipoly Battery and A/C -Auto Peak Charger. Long 9-12 Minute Flight Times! With the included 800 mah 7.4v - Lipoly battery the Diamond 1000 can easily get up to 12 minutes of flight between charges! Speed 400 Motor with folding prop - Powered by a speed 400 class motor for the ultimate in power and performance. Very Easy To Fly - The Ultimate RC Airplane Trainer! The Diamond 1000 is super easy to learn how to fly on. Its large 39 inch main wing has enough wing area to easily dead stick in on landings without stalling. It also allows it to be flown at very slow speeds of 5-10 mph. This allows novice to get accustom to the flight controls. Once mastered you can reach a top speed of 50 miles per hour at full throttle ! 2.4 GHZ - 4 Channel Radio Included! The Diamond 1000 comes with a long range 4 channel - 2.4 GHZ dual spectrum radio system for a 100% glitch free flight. Auto-Peak - Balanced Lipoly Charger Included ! - Comes with an automatic lipoly A/C peak charger that can charge the included 800 Mah 7.4 volt Lipoly in just under 25 minutes.